Sunday, August 1, 2010

Emotional Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

The healing properties of rose quartz lie in its nickname--the “love stone.” Because rose quartz addresses love, which is the most powerful energy, it has the capacity to heal anything. But don’t expect rose quartz to promote healing all by itself. As with everything else, your belief in its healing power will make it work for you.

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a pink stone that opens the heart chakra. It promotes all forms of love, including the most elusive kind of love--self-love (how difficult it is for us to love ourselves). The power of rose quartz brings love into every situation. As such, it is very emotionally soothing.

Emotional Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has many emotional healing properties. It fosters:

- Forgiveness

- Kindness

- Gentleness

- Tolerance

- Peace

Rose quartz helps to remove:

- Anger

- Fears

- Resentments

- Guilt

Rose quartz also raises your self-esteem, balances your emotions, and helps you to release any old emotional traumas.

Using Rose Quartz for Emotional Healing

If you need some emotional healing, rose quartz can help. Simply carry a rose quartz with you. Whenever you feel any emotional upset, hold the stone in your hand. Feel it’s cool, soothing power. Imagine that it’s pulsating in your hand. Imagine this until you actually feel the pulsating power of this stone.

Think of whatever is causing you emotional pain. Mentally send the pulsating rose quarts out to soothe this problem. Imagine the source of your pain as being surrounded by a pink bubble of soothing light. Feel your emotional upset be transformed into pure love.

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