Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using Bibliomancy to Receive Divine Guidance

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If you need divine guidance--qucikly--try Bibliomancy. It works every time.

Bibliomancy is the practice of seeking divine guidance by selecting random passages from a book. It works best when a spiritual book--such as the Holy Bible--is used, but any book will do in a pinch.

This form of spiritual guidance, or divination, has been around for thousands of years, and it really works. Sometimes the random passages that you choose when practicing Bibliomancy are so appropriate for your question that it really spooky. Other times, you may have to meditate over the answer that you receive. Either way, Bibliomancy is a great way to receive spiritual insight into a matter.

Practicing Bibliomancy

Practicing this ancient form of spiritual guidance is quite simple.

- Choose a book that seems to call to you. This can be any book but, as I’ve already said, spiritual books may more clearly speak to your problem.

- Sit down with the book in your lap.

- Close your eyes and think about your problem or question for a few minutes.

- With your eyes still closed, take a deep breath and open the book.

- Flip through the pages until you feel the urge to stop on a particular page.

- With your eyes still closed, run your finger down the page that you have randomly selected.

- When you feel ready, immediately stop your finger from sliding anywhere else on the page. (When the spirit wants you to stop at a particular passage, you may feel a slight stickiness at that point on the page.)

- Open your eyes and read the sentence and the paragraph where your finger is pointing.

- This will be your answer. .

The more that you practice Bibliomancy, the more skilled you will become at finding, and interpreting, the answers to your problems or questions. Have fun with it, but treat it as the divine spiritual tool that it is.

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