Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Book Review

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits. Gregg Braden. New York: Hay House, 2008. 216 pp

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, written by Gregg Braden, seeks to shatter the false beliefs that hold us captive. Early in this book, Braden writes:

“How would our lives change…if we discovered that we’re born with the power to reverse disease? Or what if we could choose the peace in our world, the abundance in our lives, and how long we live? What if we found that the universe itself is directly affected by a power that we’ve hidden from ourselves for so long that we’ve forgotten it’s even ours?”

Citing study after mind-blowing study, Braden makes a good argument that we do, indeed, possess such abilities. But we’ve forgotten all about these godlike abilities we have because we live in a world that accepts and promotes limitations.

I know…Braden is not the first person to make such claims. But Braden goes further, surmising that we live in some kind of a “simulated reality.” In other words, our world and universe is a great big computer and we are both acting out and creating its programs which form our reality (think The Matrix). I know this sound bizarre, but Braden actually backs up his claims with convincing scientific evidence.

After establishing the existence of this simulated reality, Braden tells us how to communicate with it to alter its programs and to create so-called miracles in our lives.

The message of The Spontaneous Healing of Belief is one of power and hope for a world that seems to possess little of either. The power is in our hands to make or to break our own personal lives and the world that we live in. Let’s start using this power wisely.

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