Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling: Book Review

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. California: Hay House, 2006. 252 pp

Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling is Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s attempt to teach you three things:

1. What inspiration is.

2. How to foster inspiration.


3. How to live an inspired life

After reading this book, I feel that Dr. Dyer accomplished all three of these goals—admirably.

He begins by explaining that the word “inspiration” comes from the term “in spirit.” Thus, being inspired means being “in spirit.” When you live in spirit, there are no limits on what you can accomplish. When you live in spirit, you feel God’s guidance every day. When you live in spirit, every day of your life is a divine adventure.

Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling focuses on this one theme—living in spirit—throughout its 252 pages. Although some people may be irritated by the repetitious nature of this theme, Dr. Dyer is unapologetic about it, writing that the “oft-repeated” theme of this book is to, “Live in Spirit. [because] You came from Spirit, and to be inspired you must become more like where you came from. You must live so at to become more like God. (from the introduction of Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling)

Using his inimitable teaching style (using bullet points to highlight certain principles of inspiration along with techniques that you can use to put these principles into practice) Dr. Dyer guides you into developing inspiration. Moreover, throughout this book, Dr. Dyer relates true stories of inspiration—from his life and that of others—to show you what living an inspired life looks like.

In reading these stories, I recognized some of my own inspired moments…

• when synchronicities suddenly sprang up all over the place, guiding me to take certain actions.

• when I would have prickly, goose bumpy “aha” moments, knowing that God had just spoken to me

• when I felt led by a force much greater than myself

Those were inspired moments that I shall never forget. Nor will I forget the lessons I learned from reading Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling. This book inspired me to want to live an inspired life more consistently, and I believe that it will do the same for you.

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