Monday, July 4, 2011

The Spiritual Power of Acceptance

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The spiritual power of acceptance, like most spiritual laws, is directly opposite from human nature.  Humans, especially we American humans, believe that we must immediately fight against whatever undesirable circumstance we find ourselves in. But this is not the way out of misfortune. Rather, spiritual law says that you must first accept—totally accept—your circumstances before they will change.

I know what you’re thinking and…NO…this does not mean that you are helpless victims of circumstances. It does NOT mean that you passively accept your fate and never strive toward your loftier goals. It simply means that you accept, without judgment or sadness, what God has given you at this moment.  Then, and only then, will you truly be able to change your circumstances.

How Does the Spiritual Power of Acceptance Work?
But why must you first accept your present circumstances? The answer is amazingly simple. You see, whatever you fight against grows stronger because you are focusing your attention on what you perceive as a negative. As a result, the negative situation grows bigger. It does not shrink.

For proof of this, you need only look at human history:

-          Did Nancy Reagan’s “war on drugs” end illegal drug usage?

-          Has the “war on terrorism” made the slightest dent in terrorist activities?

-          Has the war on poverty ended, or even relieved, poverty?

In fact, wouldn’t you say that the above situations have gotten progressively worse?
Now look at your own experiences:

-          If you struggle with obesity, has your life-long war on fat (and consequent non-acceptance of your body) caused you to permanently shed those excess pounds? In fact, haven’t you lost a little, and then gained a lot countless times throughout your life? In fact, hasn’t the numbers on the scale gone up and up and up as the years go by? In FACT, has your war on fat really helped you to permanently lose weight?

-          If you struggle with finances, has your war on your personal poverty level really increased your finances? Or has your scrimping and saving, your coupon clipping, and your penny pinching only seem to have increased your financial hardship?
What is the Answer, then?

The answer, as I said earlier, is to accept your present circumstances. This does not mean that you are destined to remain in those circumstances. On the contrary; the spiritual law of acceptance guarantees that once you fully accept your present circumstances—with love and without judgment—you can then change those circumstances.

Because when you accept your circumstance, you are no longer struggling against it. Your present circumstance is no longer your enemy. Consequently, you are no longer giving it any power over you.

You are then free to change your present circumstance by focusing on what you do want to achieve, not on what you don’t want to experience. i.e I see myself weighing 120 pounds and wearing a size 4 dress NOT I want to lose 100 pounds.

Money flows to me in a constant stream of abundance NOT I will be debt-free by the end of this year.
Do you see the difference? Always focus on what you want not on what you don’t want! But first…accept what you have.

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