Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we all Desire the Most?

Something GOOD is going to happen to you today!  Read this guest post by positivity website good2u2day and start reaping the benefits of positive thinking!
If one were to question what is the most prominent driving force within us that determines our almost every action, what do you think it is? May I humbly submit to you that what I believe and research has shown that that force we speak of is….. the overwhelming desire to be loved and accepted. We could spend a half of a century discussing the why’s but really what we want to perfect is the how’s, correct? So how do we do that? Well one way, that is so often overlooked is the overwhelming intuitive attraction that is felt among souls ( our real selves). We spend millions and trillions working on our outward appearance but if we really listen, it is the inner self that really determines long term attraction. So how do we dress up our inner self? Well I have great news, it can be done on an extremely limited budget. Make yourself attractive by creating an overwhelming desire for people to want to be around you!
So how do we do that? Be a positive uplifting force to all those you come in contact with! You may say, “I can’t do that!” but can’t you really do it? Isn’t it really a choice to be optimistic? Dale Carnegie said, “Don’t complain, condemn or criticize!” But you say its so hard. Well would you be surprised if I said, “I understand”?
Unfortunately, we are surrounded by negativity from so many sources everyday. But the good news is…… all we have to do is shut it off! Don’t listen to it. Don’t feed your brain with junk. I mean really would you drink acid for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then why feed your brain with proverbial acid? Stop… stop it now!
So you say but how do I make my inner self more attractive? Well this is probably a first, but I am going to tell you that you need some BO! BO? “Are you crazy” you say! Yes, I said BO or rather …… Be Optimistic! “Ok”, you say! Here’s how you get started, and it can be done in 2 easy steps:
1. Feed your brain. Think about this if you ate unhealthy and fattening foods all the time what happens to your body? Isn’t the brain part of our body? So if we feed it junk, what is going to happen to it’s health? Exactly! It will be out of shape! So turn off and tune out the negativity as much as possible and fill your mind with positive thoughts from positive people as much as possible. At least 3 times a day, right? That’s probably how many times a day your eat, right? Click on the links on our home page or go to our Mind Nutrition Store to get some necessary nutrition. Remember…… Feed your brain at least as often as your stomach!
2. Share the Positivity! See this is when you start to become really attractive to others. Deep down inside everyone yearns for good things. We just lose focus of how to get them! So how do we start this new attractiveness? May we humbly suggest considering and trying the below exercise?
Remember you are your own best investment! If you won’t invest in yourself, no one else will for sure. Email us with your stories and best of all remember that you have 86,400 chances a day for something good to happen to you and ………. it will!!!!!
Imagine the following as being your reality right now….
It’s 11:07 at night you had a tough day and you are wondering how in the world you even made it through it. Something broke, you got yelled at, the kids are fighting, you have no money or any number of things that just tie your gut in a knot. But then all of a sudden you remembered that something special is supposed to happen tomorrow. You are so excited, especially in light of today’s events. “Wow, you think! I can’t wait!” Now the question is how soon and how easily will you be able to go to sleep thinking about this really good, and special thing that is supposed to happen tomorrow? tick tock, tick tock…..
Now back to your current reality……
Well the truth is something good and exciting happens to us everyday!… Wait a minute, don’t click that X in the top right corner yet! Isn’t the truth that good things do happen to us everyday? But here is the question, why don’t we realize it? …….. One simple, common, ordinary, task that we do everyday…… FOCUS!
Now be honest with yourself, (I’m not in your head, so it doesn’t matter if you lie to me) but really be honest with yourself, didn’t you just highlight the bad things in your mind that happened today and set the good things to the back of the event list of your day?
So now that you have been honest with yourself, may I ask you to do a favor for yourself? Because you are your own best investment, right? But before I share with you what you should commit to, remember who you are doing it for. Who is it? It’s YOU, right? Great!
Here is the exercise:
Start with tomorrow and everyone that you meet before you bid them farewell, share with them that “Hey by the way, Something Good is Going to Happen to You Today!” Don’t want to share it with everyone? Just share it with one complete stranger and see and hear what happens. Not only will you brighten their day it will start birthing something within you. Go ahead, give it a try!
Now tomorrow night think about the good things that happened to you on this day. Then commit to doing it the next day as well. Just try it for a week. What have you got to lose? Nothing, but I can assure you will gain much. Just try it… but most importantly pass this message and website along to others. Not just so we can be a huge internet sensation, but because it will only help YOU and those YOU come in contact with! Just try it!!! You’ve tried more daring things, right? Just try it!!! I dare you!

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