Monday, October 24, 2011

Bon Jovi Opens a Restaurant with Soul

Bon Jovi is one entertainer who has connected his soul to the souls of those less fortunate. He has opened the first “Soul Restaurant” in New Jersey:

Customers pay only what they can afford.

It’s true. There are no prices on the menu. If you can afford it, Bon Jovi would like you to pay a minimum donation of $10 to help pay for those who cannot afford it.

To be clear, this is not a soup kitchen. If you come to the Soul Restaurant, you get to eat in an actual restaurant setting with linens and silverware. (When you are struggling financially and are broke, the idea of being able to go out and eat at a restaurant occasionally makes you feel so much better. I know this because I’ve been there).

But the Soul Restaurant is also not a total handout to people. It's an enterprise designed to empower the community. For instance, if you cannot afford to pay for your meal, Bon Jovi would like to see you donate your time at the Soul Restaurant or other charitable agencies.

Will this enterprise work?

I don’t think that Bon Jovi is thinking about that as much as he is thinking about doing whatever he can to help.

At the grand opening of Soul Restaurant on October 19, Bon Jovi said:

"At a time when 1 in 5 households are living at or below the poverty level, and at a time when 1 out of 6 Americans are food insecure, this is a restaurant whose time has come…This is a place based on and built on community – by and for the community."

Amen. We need more love in this world. I think the Soul Restaurant is a great idea and I send many blessings to Bon Jovi for starting it.
What do you think of Bon Jovi’s idea of opening the Soul Kitchen? Do you think it will be a success?

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