Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: The Time has Come

Washington Square Park, NYC
The Occupy Wall Street movement is now worldwide. The movement has raised close to $300,000 so far. Hundreds of thousands of people are standing in the streets, signs of protest raised high above their heads, demanding that the needs of the average citizen be heard (for once).  

Hundreds of protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement have been arrested, injured, pepper sprayed.
And still they keep coming. Their voices will not be silenced—not this time.

They protest the inequality between the super rich and the super poor. They protest that the wealthy now make all of the rules. They protest that, though greedy bankers largely caused the recent economic collapse, the only people punished for it was us, the average folks.  
The Occupy Wall Street protesters have many reasons for why they protest, but they all boil down to these questions:

When did it all become about money?  When did basic human decency, love, and compassion leave and cold, hard cash take its place? Why are the rich bankers and industrialists running the entire world?

Why indeed.
The Occupy Wall Street movement is the result of a spiritual principle beautifully expressed by Victor Hugo: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

The old, materialist worldview—and the coldness with which it expresses itself—is passing away before our eyes. While the rich bankers and industrialists were intent on making more money and consolidating their power bases throughout the world, they failed to see one thing:

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