Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thy Will be Done

We all want to get what we pray for. We all want to manifest our desires. We all want assurances that our prayers will be answered in the affirmative.

For that reason, many of us hate saying “Thy will be done” at the conclusion of our prayers. But what are we so afraid of?
Do you think that your Source is going to let you down? Do you think that God doesn’t know what is best for you?

This is certainly part of it. Our egos (which stands for, according to Dr. Wayne Dyer, “edging God out”) does not want anyone dictating anything to us.
But here’s the thing…

When you align with Source, wherever Source may lead you, your life goes smoothly. When you resist aligning with Source—when you allow your ego to dictate your actions—life becomes rough.

Letting go and saying “Thy will be done” is a declaration of your alignment with Source. At the same time, it is an admission that you can do nothing without Source. It also speaks of a strong faith that God will never bring you to harm.

Saying “Thy will be done” does not weaken you; it empowers you. Moreover, this simple statement, when said with feeling, opens up the floodgates of heaven on your behalf.
Try it sometime and see what miracles start happening in your life.

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