Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Celtic Jewelry for Christmas

Celtic Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas

If you've been thinking of the perfect Christmas gift to get a loved one, you might think about Celtic jewelry. It is absolutely beautiful; the pieces are endowed with a lot of spiritual significance. If you order these from Amazon, please order through the links here as I am an Amazon associate and I will get a small commission. Plus you will be supporting my blog!

About the Celtic Peoples
I don't know much about the Celtic people, but I have always been attracted to their symbology as depicted in jewelry. (I wonder if I had been a Celt in a past life?)
What I do know is this: the Celts were tribal peoples that lived in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Europe, and Asia Minor. Each tribe or sect of Celts had its own customs and spiritual beliefs so they are really hard to categorize. However, they all had a large number of mythis and deities (gods and goddesses).

So if you are  attracted to the Celts and to Celtic jewelry like I am, ask your hubby to buy you one of these this Christmas. I plan to ask my husband to do so.

The CelticTriquetra Knot

The Celtic Triqetra Knot has 3 interlocking knots that symbolize life, death, and rebirth. It also symbolizes the progression of the Goddess as virgin, mother, and crone. The Celtric Trigquetra Knot also symbolizes the forces of nature (air, water, and earth). For many cultures and spiritual tradtions (including Christianity) the number 3 is very powerful. 

The Celtic Tree of Life
A popular celtic symbol is the tree of life. Indeed, this symbol is filled with spiritual significance. In the  Celtic Tree of Life, the roots symolize connection to the other world. (Note, too that the roots--our connection to the other world--are the foundation of the tree). The trunk symbolizes connection to the mortal world. The branches that point to the sky symbolize connection to the Universe. In short, the Celtic Tree of Life represents the entire mortal and otherwordly nature of humans.

Blue Topaz Pendant
This one does not have any spiritual significance that I know about. I only chose it because it is beautiful and because the blue topaz stone is December's birthstone. This would be a perfect Christmas gift. It would be even better if your beloved's birthday is also in December (like mine). HINT...HINT

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