Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Waves of 11/11/11‏

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As we move towards the year 2012, we enter the vibration of 11/11/11, or the triple 11.

11 is a Master number. It is a demanding, yet also inspirational vibration. It is best represented by the 11th card of the Tarot; Justice, also known as the wheel of life, the wheel of fortune. Justice is the card that teaches us to weigh the conditions of the present with the decisions of the past. It is Karma.

Moreover, there are three 11s in 11/11/11. The number 3 is sacred. It is the number of the Trinity, Daughter, Mother, Crone, the Son, the Father, the Holy Ghost. It is also the number of the family, the extended family, and the community.

Even more astounding is the fact that, when you combine all three of the 11s, you get the number 33, which is another master number. As these two numbers come together on 11/11/11, the whole world vibrates under the influence of the 33.

Master number 33 is the number of courage and sacrifice for the healing of others. As the vibration of the 33 settles over out planet,we watch our young march in the street, demanding the simple right to work, to be able to build a future for themselves, their families, and their communities. We also watch the ripple effect of our president calling for equal taxation of the rich, for the good of the rest of our country.

If we look closer, we realize that this all carries us, like a turbulent ocean, into a possibly brighter future. It carries us into the year 2012, the vibration of 5, the number of freedom, decision making, and extreme change.

I pray, on this day and every day before us, that we remember the lesson of 11. And do not forget these lesson as we go forward; it is the choices we make today that will build our future in 2012.


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