Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Power of Archangel Michael to Comfort You

If you need protection, comfort, and even guidance…you might want to call on Archangel Michael. He does not mess around, as I found out recently.
I have never been one to pray to angels, much less Archangels. But desperate situations lead to desperate measures.  

Earlier this month, a controversial bill was passed and will soon be signed by President Obama. This bill is called the National Defense Authorization Act and it really destroys American’s Bill of Rights. For instance, this allows for the possibility that Americans can be “indefinitely detained” if they are expected of terrorist activities, associating with terrorists, or even committing a “belligerent act” against the United States.
Besides the fact that this bill will deny Americans expected of such crimes the right to face their accusers and the right of a speedy trial, the language is so broad that it could include average protestors or anyone who disagrees with the United States’ policies. (I have read, in fact, that the U.S. has defined protestors as “low level terrorists.”)

Well, I got really upset and started obsessing about what this bill could mean for this country and the world. I started imagining the United States turning into Nazi Germany. I imagined them busting into my house in the middle of the night and arresting me for my belief that all men and women are created equal and have certain inalienable rights. As I’m a writer, I have a vivid imagination, and I could actually feel myself and others being rounded up and sent to detention centers (concentration camps) and even death camps.
Of course, I was also reading all the online articles about this subject and watching all the scary YouTube videos which even added to my fear.
In my mind, this horrible incarceration and death of American citizens was a done deal, and I was scared to death. My fear was so great, in fact, that I actually considered suicide.

Archangel Michael to the Rescue

Instead of killing myself (or going totally insane) I remember something that I had recently read about Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue. This Archangel is the head angel and sits on the right side of God. He is the warrior angel and is the one that is said to have thrown Lucifer out of God’s kingdom.

Archangel is frequently pictured with a sword and a shield, signifying both his role as a warrior and as a protector, but as one that cuts the bonds of anything that no longer serves you (such as fear). But you can also call on Archangel Michael for help in any situation. Apparently, he is the “all purpose” Archangel.

So I figured I would pray to him. I prayed that he would bring peace to the world and that he would bring me peace. I asked him to cut my bonds of fear. I asked him to calm me down.
Oh my GOD!

 The next day, the woman who had been desperate and suicidal (me) woke up feeling “the peace that passeth all understanding,” as the bible says. This has been several days ago, and I STILL feel totally peaceful. All of those feelings and mental pictures of doom and gloom are entirely gone. I know that God has everything under control. I know none of what I visualized will happen.
So if you are ever upset or scared, call on Archangel Michael. He will help you. Trust me.

Watch my video below for a little more explanation on my experience.

Do you have any experiences with Archangel Michael you'd like to share?

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