Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bilocation, Astral Travel, or Something Else? You Decide

I am always being told that I look familiar or that someone has seen me somewhere that I’ve never been. When this happens, I usually just tell myself that I must have a twin out there that  lives close to me. But there have been a few experiences that make me think it’s more than that. Could I be bilocating without remembering it?
Difference Between Bilocation or Astral Travel
As I understand it, bilocation is where your astral body, etheric body, physical body, and your consciousness are in two or more places at the same time. By contrast, astral travel is where just your astral body and your consciousness separate from your physical body. During a bilocation, then, other people can see you, whereas during astral travel, they cannot.
Since your consciousness, in both bilocation and astral travel, also goes with you, I would think you should remember the experience. And this puzzles me because, in the following experiences of what (perhaps) may be bilocation, I didn’t remember any of it.
Possible Bilocation Experiences, Many Years Ago
1.      I was at work, having a cigarette break outside. (This was when I still smoked). It was cold, and I was wearing an ugly putty gray coat. A girl from the factory was on her break, too, and she told me that after break, she was going to the medical clinic to have a drug test. Break ended, and she left. When she returned, she asked me if I had been at the medical clinic because she had seen me there, and I had been wearing the same coat. Of course, I had never left work. Also, I mentioned my ugly putty gray coat earlier for a reason—it was not stylish, so I doubt very many women, even those who may look like me, would choose such a coat to wear!

2.      Around the same period of time, I was driving a black cavalier with a slight dent in the bottom part of the trunk. One day, a guy at work asked me if I had been pulling out of a particular gas station at around 5 pm the previous evening. When I said no, he said he saw a woman who looked exactly like me, wearing my trademark (at that time) ponytail, pulling out of the gas station. Now here’s the kicker…the woman was driving the exact same car as me, and her car had a dent in the bottom part of the trunk, too. Only hers was on the opposite side!

3.      A few years after the above incidents, I owned a blue Kia Sportage and no longer was wearing my hair in pony tails. Instead, I had my hair cut in a cute bob style. One day, my neighbor commented that she had seen me pulling out of a side road and that I was crying. Of course, I had been no where near this road she described. Nevertheless, this woman apparently looked exactly like me, had the same haircut,  and…she was driving a blue Kia Sportage.
Now, if this is not some type of unconscious bilocation, I must actually have a twin who always looks like me (right down to my hair styles throughout the years) and drives the same vehicles that I drive.
This is STRANGE. So, do you think I’ve been bilocating? Have you ever had any experiences with bilocation or astral travel?


  1. Not so strange! We soul travel all the time. (I like the word Bi-location). The soul has the ability to be in more places than one at a time. Interesting enough, the place we mostly travel too is the future, we are so curious about it!

    1. It's so nice to hear from you again, Michelle! Is it common to bi-locate when you're awake and don't remember your trip, so to speak? :)

  2. hi there. i too bi locate allot.
    i dont plan it. it just happens and i dont understand why and where i go.
    i switch from country to country within seconds.
    very weird.
    also have located to seminars and speak to people.
    some times ive experienced areas and the ways people are that cant be operationable in this time.