Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Surprising Power of Colors - It's Not All in Your Head

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Many studies have proven that colors have an effect on your mood. But you don't need a scientific study to tell you that. Simply walk into a predominately blue room and then walk into a red one. How did your mood change? Chances are, you felt happier and calmer in the blue room then you did in the red one. That's because red is a more energetic color than is blue. But you probably didn't consciously think about it. Instead, your mood simply responded to it. But you can consciously use color to affect your mood by meditating (visualizing) the appropriate color at various times throughout the day.

Meaning of Colors

Before starting your color meditation, you need to know what the meanings of some of the main colors are, and what they tend to do to your mood.


As noted above, red is an energetic color. It wakes you up, makes you alert, and may cause aggressiveness. It is the color of passion-sexual and otherwise. Meditate on red when you need extra energy, courage, or confidence to complete a particular task. Too much of a focus on pure red, however, can make you irritable or feverish. Therefore, you should not meditate more than a couple of minutes at a time on red.

A shade of red, pink is a gentler, warmer color than is its bolder counterpart. Pink is the soothing color of love and affairs of the heart. Meditate on pink when you want to open your heart to love, or when you want to expand the love that you already feel for someone or something.

Universally considered a tranquil color, blue is the one you should choose to soothe your frazzled nerves. There are, however, many different shades of blue that have differing effects on your mood. Royal blue is a more energetic shade of this color, with a meaning similar to red. Navy blue denotes seriousness. Baby blue or sky blue will calm you down.

The color green represents nature, renewal, and healing, just like grass and foliage. Meditate on green when your emotions need some renewal and you would like to start over.

Representing friendship, yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. Think of the warming rays of the sun on a lazy summer day. This is the way that meditating on yellow should affect your mood, making you happy, content.

Meditating on Colors

When you feel you need a boost for your mood, pick one of the colors associated with the desired mood. Several times during the day, close your eyes and visualize a ray of that color coming down from the ceiling, entering the top of your head, and coursing slowly throughout your body. Visualize the inside of your body becoming the color that you have chosen. If you have trouble imagining the color itself, think of a particular item of that color. For instance, for red, think of an apple. For green, think of the grass. For yellow, think of the sun. Soon, you will have no trouble at all vividly seeing these colors in your imagination.
I use these color meditations all the time, and they really work.




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