Saturday, September 10, 2011

And Behold! Their Eyes Were Opened and They Became as God...

By Guest Blogger

Richard Kent Matthews

I was walking around heaven one day when I heard the Voice call to me. "Lou," it said. "I have a job for you." Again? I thought. I was beginning to get tired of constantly being bothered with Its staggeringly silly requests. I'm getting old. I want to retire. But, no! On it goes. What now? I headed toward the Office.

The Gateskeeper told me to wait a second. The, he said, "It will see you now." In I went. Before I could say a word, It bellowed, "Boy, do I have a good one for you this time. You get to be the star for a while. Haven't you wanted that? Haven't you wanted to 'go out on your own' and 'be your own boss?' Here's your chance."

It was on to me. Yikes.

"What did you have in mind, High One?"

"I just created a new game and you get to be the Bad Guy."

"Bad Guy? Is it safe?"

"Well, let's put it this way. Once you make an initial appearance, you get to retire. The players will make up all kinds of stuff about you, but you don't have to be there. You'll still get the credit without any of the work. They'll do it for you. Sound good?"

"So, what's the game?" I asked.

"Lou, you're smart, attractive, clever. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to go down to the new planet Earth and simply show yourself to the new humans I have created. They're still half asleep. You will wake them up, get their brains working, activate their consciousness. That's all you'll have to do. Believe me, they can take over after that."

"Will they know who I am?"

"Sort of. They'll get the Lou part right."

The actual name of the character in this little story is Lucid. Unfortunately, the world ended up calling him Lucifer.

When Lucifer entered the Garden of Eden as the Serpent, ancient symbol of wisdom, he was doing what the Voice had asked him to do: awaken the sleeping consciousness of the humans, stir up the Kundalini energy, as it were. He was indeed a bringer of light. But the light was quick to dim.

The world knew him not. He was declared the Arch Enemy, the Diabolical, the Uncontrollable. The Scapegoat, the Horned one, the Stealer of Souls.

In fact, Lucifer as Devil, Evil One, Beelzebub, never existed. He is a product of the frightened mind. He is as unreal as this story. Lucid, however, is still among us. Subtle, hidden, but here. He has only to be sincerely called. He is the true light of the Creator.

Awakening can be scary.


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