Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Manifesting your Desires? Be Specific!

Are you having trouble manifesting your desires? It could be because you’re not being specific enough in your goals.

Many of us want things to change for the better. But we just haven’t defined what that “better” looks like.

• Do you say “I want more money?”
• Do you say “I want another car?”
• Do you say “I want a better job?”

Well, these requests are way too vague.

Manifesting your desires involves being specific in those desires.

o Exactly how much money do you need?
o Exactly what year, make, model, and color of car do you want?
o Exactly what type of a job do you desire? What is your job title. Your salary?

Be specific in your desires and manifesting those desires will go a lot smoothly for you. I promise!

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